How do we clean diesel injector nozzle?

Disassembly-free cleaning. This method uses the pressure of the engine’s original system and the circulation network to replace the fuel combustion with a cleaning agent to clean the carbon deposits in the cylinder, and then use the exhaust system to discharge it.

Although this method is simple, there are too many types of cleaning agents and different specifications. If it is a poor quality cleaning agent, it will easily cause damage to the piston, exhaust valve, and cylinder wall during the cleaning process, and it will also cause damage to the fuel injection. The nozzle and sealing ring of the air compressor, and the three-way catalytic engine are also damaged to some extent.
Cleaning by slinging bottle is simple and easy to operate. As long as the appropriate cleaning agent is inserted into the special equipment, the connecting pipes are connected to the inlet and the oil pipe according to the regulations, and then the engine runs for 20 minutes. .

Post time: Nov-30-2021