diesel common rail system three generations

Diesel Common Rail has developed 3 generations.It has a strong technical potential.

First generation high pressure common rail pump keep max pressure,cause waste of energy and high fuel temperature.


second generation can adjust output pressure according to engine requirement,moreover have the function Pre-injection and After Injection.pre-injection  reduce engine noise,1% fuel spray into air cylinder to compression ignite  before diesel injector main injection,Pre-heat fire housing.after pre - heat air cylinder,the main injection become easier.the cylinder pressure and temperature won’t rise suddenly,good at noise reduction.when expansion process do after injection,fire second time.the cylinder temperature rise 200 to 250 Celsius degree.reduce air pollution.


Because of Strong technical potential,every manufacture’s eyes set on third generation-piezo common rail system.piezo actuator replace solenoid,so can get better precision injection construction,the struction more easier without fuel returning pipe.the pressure can be adjusted from 200bar to 2000 bar.min spray can be 0.5mm, reduce smoke and NOX emission.

Post time: Sep-16-2020