Diesel Injector 0445120217 0 445 120 217

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diesel injector 0445120217 0 445 120 217              
Brand:Nine / Bosch
Parts Number:0445120217
Nozzle Number:DLLA148P1524
Control Valve Number: F 00R J02 466

Production Key Point Introduction
1. workblank is produce by ourself factory
2. Each parts have ID,each processing have exactly worker manage.so any problem can sourcing exactly worker.
3. Test bench is test each spray data,not old edition’s average data. Make sure goods’ each data is perfect.
4. 100% tested rate before delivery
5. 5.professional and quick move for after sale service.

What’s Customer Feedback?
“Reasonable Price.”
“Have professional before & after service and better Quality. When I have tech installing problem,Brand Nine will give me soon and professional reply.”
“As I tested,I buy 2 sets Little Factory Injectors,As normal 3 months have to replace it.Moreover when I replace parts, I need pay worker money,that’s mean,my machine work half year,1 machine need buy 2 sets injectors from little factory or reman shop.But I buy Brand Nine, i can use 6 months without any problem.If we calm down and accountant,we can get comparation result easily. “
“2 sets small factory’s parts + worker’s cost >1 set brand nine parts price. Moreover If I take small factory’s parts,finally i made a poor quality impression on clients …”

1. 1kg to 45kgs by express shipping.such as DHL,Fedex,TNT,UPS,EMS Etc
2. 45kgs to 500kgs by Air.
3. 500kgs more,by ocean,by land

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