3516 3512 3508 Diesel Caterpillar Injector 4P-9077 4P9077 0R2925

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3516 3512 3508 Diesel Caterpillar Injector 4P-9077 4P9077 0R2925
Brand: Nine Or Caterpillar
Parts Number: 4P-9077
Reman Parts Number: 0R2925
Manufacture: Caterpillar / Nine Diesel
Application: 3516, 3512,3 508
Weight: 3kg

What’s Customer Feedback?
“Reasonable Price.”
“Have professional before & after service and better Quality.When I have tech installing problem,Brand Nine will give me soon and professional reply.”
“As I tested,I buy 2 sets Little Factory Injectors, As normal 3 months have to replace it. Moreover when I replace parts, I need pay worker money,that’s mean,my machine work half year,1 machine need buy 2 sets injectors from little factory or reman shop.But I buy Brand Nine ,i can use 6 months without any problem.If we calm down and accountant,we can get comparation result easily. “
“2 sets small factory’s parts + worker’s cost >1 set brand nine parts price.Moreover If I take small factory’s parts,finally i made a poor quality impression on clients …”

Why Choose Us
Your suupplier have experience more than 50 years
Your supplier pass ISO/TS16949
you can get professional before and after sale service
your supplier have good credit in diesel parts business
you can get reasonable price
you can get warranty for your order products

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